• Tia Ballantine ~ Author/Poet


(i n d e f i n i t e)

The letter opens on a watercolor of columbines. Inside two typed lines:

Happy New Year: I miss your letters. I gather

you’re thriving? God bless.

He signs her name as he always signs it, three fast letters.

One other piece of mail, a postcard, from Madrid.

Antonio Saura, Cocktail Party 1960. Scrawled on the back:

Roses with wrist wide canes, slate steps,

razor blades. Chickens that fly to trees: labels --

May god be gentle with the outcast, before this

she was a spider web, a gambler

in bloom, a winder of crops, a maker

of spirit and jam. She carried water

to mountains in milk cans, bathed

in borrowed tubs, washed with sand.

The sun is a siren on her arm.

Copyright 2001


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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