• Tia Ballantine ~ Author/Poet

"Mythology of Rainbows"

Mythology of Rainbows

Fireflies die in winter, termites

hibernate. Small birds go away.

Wind crystal stains her jacket blue,

warning her to stand inches back

from hail stones, to wait—

for one man to twist a key:

for thunder borne on glass:

for rooms to fold her:

for far ice to roll her. She ignores

the stranger marking alley space, draped

in yellow canvas and graffiti:

purple rust on green. She examines

blind stripped windows blocked

by trash and soot, washed

from glass to gutters, no

flower stems, no leaves, no

memory myth or history

Her hand stays still

on his chest


Copyright 2005

published: Winter Gifts, Happenstance Press,


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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