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I have been posting daily on my blog for over three years now. Having redesigned and built my current website/blog, I have posted here every day for most of this year. It has been a pleasure to be able to post some very talented authors and their work, on my blog over the course of those years of blogging.

As any writer knows directly, their writing time is limited and therefore precious. I have been attempting to keep the blog active and fresh while at the same time trying to continue my work as a writer. Forty years ago that wasn't such a tall order. Today it is. As much as I have enjoyed working with other authors, and posting their work, I will be focusing on the book I am currently halfway through, tending to the blog as time permits. Instead of a new post each and every morning, I will be posting more sporadically, and focusing more on highlighting author's work, instead of posting it daily, including my own, which was the original point of the blog.

This Saturday's blog posted an interview with Tia Ballantine, a published poet with an extensive collection of fine poetry, and a PhD in literature. Yesterday's post was her poem "Concealment". I have the pleasure of posting an interview with Sloane Kady this morning, which will be sort of a final post of the daily posting. A most befitting example of representing talented authors, and their work.

The heart of my blog, and the reason I have taken the time to advance it, has to do with advocating for independent authors and their work, although along the way I was fortunate to have been able to include a traditionally published novelist, who for me, is one of the best writers of fiction I have read, one D. Wallace Peach. I highly recommend her books. which are many.

And that mention naturally leads to another novelist who I have yet to read, but will soon, now that I will have a bit more time, Sloane Kady, and her new novel "Irreparable Deeds". Her novel was recently released and now available on as well in Kindle ebook. I have posted her interview with BCP this very morning, and after reading her book, I can assure the readers that I will be reviewing it, and that will be one of the posts you will be seeing in the future. So stay tuned.


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