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My absence has been well spent. My focus has returned to writing, as well as continuing to read other very talented independent authors. Currently, I am reading Sloane Kady's new novel "Irreparable Deeds", which I am finding most enjoyable. I have promised a review of her book and I will indeed be posting it in the not too distant future. And that brings up the next subject which is dear to my heart. Traveling. My sweet wife and I are both Air Force brats. Once that is in your veins.... roots have a hard time growing in just one place.

Various unguants and elixirs can be applied to compensate for remaining in one place, but over time you realize your life has begun to attach to 'stuff' and 'things' and all of a sudden there you are, with an arm load of stuff and nowhere to go. For non-nomadic types what that means is panic insues from the confinement. Now, if, for example, the sales of my memoirs began to light up amazon, I assure you I would be writing from a small French Villa in the wine region, or perhaps a small fishing village along the Spanish coast. I would be thanking you profusely for your loyal readership, posting images of the lovely view through the window of the room where I was writing my thank you's. It only seems fair.

In order to bridge those two positions, it was of course first run by my sweet wife, who happens to be inured to my proclivities for decisive decisions, which she tends to refer to as brash. I won't deny that. When we work together, seemingly we create a sort of magic that cannot be rationally explained. I can only say it remains a mystery. The results have historically been positive. Depending on who is being asked. The idea I pitched had to do with traveling and the many awesome things I portended to be forthcoming, should we perhaps altered the thinking, say, from the days of buying a sailboat, then living on it for a year. That's where the variant views derive.

Fair enough. Although there were some obstacles that appeared at the time to be roughly the size of the Ronald Reagan Aircraft Carrier, we prevailed. Although mentally scarred for some time after that, we've healed tolerably enough to even be considering another in your face proposal, which was laid out on our patio one fine Sunday afternoon, just as the heat from hell was arriving. The simple concept had to do with converting the theory of sailing from port to port, to, why not duplicate that on land, driving from one really cool place to another, in an RV.

What in the world could go wrong with that? Turns out, plenty, in just the 250 mile round trip from Tucson to Phoenix and back. Way too long an explantion to post here. Folks have gone blind reading through the entire episode at one sitting. However, I will say it was horrible. Worst case scenario after we ran over a metal object with a great big screw through it. . . pinned to the side of the road with our only exit up agains the guard rail, on a busy freeway, after the tire had separated from the rim a good mile to the next off ramp.

Being a writer and blogger, that stuff is manna for writing about. And that seems an appropriate launch of the traveling writer posts to come. I'm not one for "LOOK AT ME' selfies in every location, like the little travel wizard in television ads. The view from the writer would be more the focus, as I have always posted about writing and writers, mine and other's. But would it not be at least mildly interesting to read about writer's issues, from interesting places with photos? Time will tell of course.

Amazon just announced their plans to change the royalty payments in their Kindle Library, from their past practice of paying royalties on per book selected, to combined page count per author. Interesting, that. That article next.


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