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Review ~ "Irreparable Deeds"

Having just finished reading Sloane Kady's first novel “Irreparable Deeds”, has left me with a host of thoughts and feelings. All good. My first thought is that this writer knew what she wanted from her story. Stylistically, her writing is what I refer to as the deep groove effect, drawing the reader deeply into the story, intellectually, rationally and emotionally. She accomplishes this through her narrative of the storyline, shifting the perspective subtly to include more than one point of view. Her use of metaphor is also significant to the storyline, adding depth to the emotional connections of the characters to each other, and to the story's historical legacy to the protagonist.

“Irreparable Deeds” is a story about a young woman returning to her hometown to face her demons, bringing with her years of alcoholic abuses, and a young daughter. The continually twisting tale leads the reader through years and years of family disfunction, betrayal and intrigue that begs to be discovered. Sloane unfolds her story with sufficient explanations along the way to begin putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, when the time is right, creating a natural tension which draws the reader deeper into the story, page after page, to discover the next piece of the puzzle.

I read “Irreparable Deeds” with great relish. The author's use of metaphor slips seamlessly within the descriptive narrative, and her use of dialogue to further the story without unnecessary chit chat as filler, is also superb. Her story was a delight to read, although admittedly, the story can be said to be a somewhat dark tale, whereupon deeply held, dark family secrets permeate the storyline, shaping the characters within the story, in ways one can understand, emotionally. Kudos to Sloane Kady for her excellent work. Her years of work and dedication to the finer details of writing the great American novel are evident.

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