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Review ~ "The Adventures of Crazy Liddy"

Clayton Callahan's "The Adventures of Crazy Liddy"

Another grand tale of space adventures in the 24th century, with a larger than life spaceship captain steering the story through the many twists and turns, bringing the reader along as captives to the storyline. Clayton Callahan's protagonist character keeps the story moving along in unexpected ways, as Crazy Liddy's penchant for smuggling draws her into a larger story of unfinished galactic warfare, embroiling her into the service of the very people who once wanted her in prison.

The characters are well developed, and their dialogue moves the storyline forward, while adding depth to the scenes as well as the characters. For those readers who appreciate the detail of 24th century armaments and battle scenes, this story doesn't disappoint, without being gratuitous or unrealistic. The author's grasp of military operations and police policy keep the story realistic and graphic. He goes to show that a scrappy, independent woman with steel nerves and a plan, can shape things in unexpected ways. The story also goes to show that happy endings are possible even in impossible situations. Kudos to Clayton Callahan another great read.


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