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Writing is, of course, an ongoing process, over time. Realizing most readers are aware of this, I refer back to this dictum as I work through my own process and momentum. A new phase of my personal life has altered my daily routine in a major way. Well, different way. I will soon be taking the writing on the road, off and on, adding to my normal routine of writing one book after another, not that I will cease that routine. Instead, I will be adding a secondary layer of writing, to include essays, short stories and poetry. Writing I had put aside earlier to focus mainly on the books I have been publishing over the past six years.

A fuller description of this new activity comes off to me as subtle bragedocio, as it entails talking about the vehicle for which makes the new writing opportunities possible; a land yacht, AKA motorhome. No, it is not the brand new shiny one that cost as much as our house. The kind that is older than the grandson attending college. Someone took meticulous care of this old girl, apply named Sheila Roo, for her logo, a Roo, bounding. Likely why the thing is called a Bounder.

The point of all this is that I will be writing for this blog as well as material to be posted as it is written. I have focused on POD publishing, self-published authors and writing in general for the years I have been blogging. It is time now to expand on the subjects addressed, and the work posted. Assuredly, there will also be photos that seem to me pertinent to the material being posted.

The recent hiatus from working on my current book is due to research related to the subject of PTSD, the underlying causation of symptoms and the methods and principles of healing. The research into this subject began many years ago when I was finishing my degree in Psychology, which is most helpful in writing this book. This book is very personal for me, being a combat veteran (RVN) with diagnosed PTSD. My own struggle through the years with this condition has taught me many things, one being a path out of the debilitating symptoms through a holistic approach to healing. That will be a major point in the second half of the book.

The first adventure in Sheila Roo begins a week from today. My hope is that good things will come of this new avenue of writing adventure, and I will be able to convey that over time on this blog. Time will tell. Reader feedback is always encouraged, especially in the form of writing requests. That is a part of the adventure that can make the entire endeavor not only enjoyable, but worthwhile.


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