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Shifting Tides

Sometimes, in a writer's life, there come those times of blank mind, not to be confused with “writer's block”, a notorious cousin of ill repute. Writer's block arrives stealthily, slipping into the writer's consciousness as a lazy wave arrives on shore, leaving at least flotsam and jetsam as visual entertainment. Blank mind arrives like the line drive to the pitcher's disbelieving face. Yeah, you see it coming, sort of, but no ability to keep it from arriving, leaving said pitcher standing there with their original face. That's when the pain arrives.

I don't bring this up for readers to snicker at the sometimes hapless vagaries that tend to stick to writers as Pilot Fish around whales. It is but weak explanation for the blank space on a blogger's page. Five years of blogging on POD Publishing and writers issues have produced dozens and dozens of articles on the changing times of technology as well as on the issues pertinent to the changes taking place, and how that affects writers. The Blank Mind moment has its heuristic value, and can be a useful tool, if one can divine any meaning from it. I'm working hard to find a meaningful explanation, beyond my mind just went blank. . .

My divining rod keeps twitching towards the little voice yelling from a darker corner of the mental realm telling me to not be such a buzz kill. My words, her's were more descriptive, in the decorative slang of drunken sailors. I take that to heart, as she usually isn't rowdy or given to outbursts. So, as she explains it, a x b = (3Y - 1) + (a human heart). I didn't ask about the human heart, but the other parts tell me I need to spend more time writing about writers, as in how that critter works, and the entertaining characteristics they display when in process, which actually is much like rutting season but without an opponent around. Writing is best done alone. The first dictum learned without having to be told.

What I have been wrestling with is introducing short essays, over a spectrum subjects. The question remaining is how wide a spectrum of topic is conducive to a writer's blog? Would readers be interested, and would they read 250 words to hear an idea or experience? Those unknowns float effortlessly in the space of Blank Mind as I await the flotsam to arrive with the natural tide, when the second dictum of writing becomes important; Write what you know. Time will tell what the tide brings.


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