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I have garnered new insights into myself, and the book I am currently writing. Writing what you know, is not the problem. It is writing about what I know of PTSD, and the connection to the trigger events that have the power to make life totally miserable. What I feel as a writer has to do with using the tools skillfully to fully tell the story in the best way possible. Or as Edward Weston used to say, “the strongest way of seeing”. The writer is now dealing with the subject of PTSD in a most direct way, having been diagnosed with the condition years ago.

The more I write on the subject, and deeper I go into my own feelings and connections, to find the core issue, the more difficult the task becomes. The thesis I will be arguing in the final half of the book has to do with moral ambiguity, and the different levels that condition affects. This book is a cathartic work. It is my intention that it be the best book I have done to date. Time is always the arbiter of that. I may find that there are passages that might make a useful post. One thing I can tell you is that the story will be very personal. First person accounting, to highlight the connecters, beginning the process of understanding the condition, as one moves through the book.

I have made announcements from time to time about a potential release date, I have now fully become aware of writer time being synonymous with 'boat time'. Realistic understanding of the Real time frame for projects planned on a sailboat, a heartbreaking moment when everything becomes crystal clear, and weeping is a serious option. Writing satirical memoirs was probably one of the funnest times of my life. Writing this book is painful work, although important enough for me to take on this project when other books were planned. I was a Marine combat veteran, RVN 1967. The current veteran crises of a rising number of veterans with PTSD, and the suicide rate that goes with that rise. There is a way to understand the underlying causes of PTSD, the personal connections and options, with pathways for dealing with, then reducing the trigger conditions over time. To accomplish that task, the argument must be flawless, the course of healing absolutely workable. I believe I can satisfy both those conditions. Time will tell. As always.


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