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Holiday Thanks ~ From the Author

I would like to put into words, my thanks to the visitors of my website and blog over the years, for their support and encouragements. I would also like to personally thank the many authors and artists who have graciously allowed me to repost their work in my blogs. I have enjoyed being in the confluence of authors and readers, sharing the same sumptuous meal of good writing.

For the most part, my blogging has been on other authors, most of whom are independent authors, although I have posted snippets of my work from time to time. As an writer and author, I share the same tools, and foibles as any other author. With the best intentions, I have attempted to communicate my writing progress by updating readers of what book I am working on or plan on writing. Rhetoric for saying it's a writer's means of hoping to remain pertinent to readers. Fruitful or not. The speed bump along that roadway was a decision earlier this year to cease working on a planned book that was to follow the last memoir, and instead write a book about warfare in general and PTSD. The path to that decision is a long and winding one, however the premise derives from a fellow combat marine I served with inquiring if I had any intention of writing about Vietnam. I write satire.

I didn't see the two combining in any meaningful way. That didn't stop me from trying though. I worked on that book for several months, and rewrote the conceptual framework of the book three times to satisfy the premise of why I was writing the story. Ultimately, I came to realize the only truly beneficial way to conceptualize the framework of PTSD, then lay out the therapeutic path necessary to effectively deal with the symptoms sufficiently to reintegrate into a meaningful life, personally and socially, was to write a textbook. I don't write textbooks, with exception to black and white photo chemistry. There I have the expertise to do so.

That was the long way of saying that wading into the academic structure and deficits of PTSD, of which I have experience with as a combat marine in Vietnam, did bad things to my normally satiracle nature. And my constitution. So, after months of chatting it up about the upcoming book and how swell that was going to be, that is not going to happen. Some day I may use what I've written and redefine the thesis on the moral applications of war on society, how destructive it is to everyone involved, on many different levels. But that's another story.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone who reads these words. When the sprouts of the new year appear I will have begun work on the next book, which feels at this time to be one I have been waiting to write for some years. A subject close to my heart. When the words begin to appear on the page I will commit to naming the work. For now, as the quantum thinkers say, it is a potentiation. Thank you all for taking the time to visit my site to read my words.

Grant Handgis

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