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Flirting with Creativity

My wife is a Elizabeth Gilbert fan, for good reason. She has erudite tastes in literature and Elizabeth Gilbert is an excellent author. I knew the former reason years ago when I met my wife, and came to know of Elizabeth Gilbert via her scripted story “Eat, Pray, Love” of cinema fame. Elizabeth Gilbert's newest book “Big Magic” rests on our coffee table, with a book marker moving through the pages as my wife makes her way through the book. I happened to pick it up to read the opening chapter, which delighted my writing senses, all of which need a thorough and deep massage right about now.

I have made it known that I have affectively pissed away a good part of last year working on a book that will likely never see the light of day again. After getting eight books to print in five years, that episode buggered up the writing momentum in a major way, but as the mentioned character in Ms Gilbert's book, it is in embracing curiosity that we find creativity, if we as writers have the courage. Courage in this sense having to do with allowing yourself free reign to tap your deepest feelings, then put them onto the page without holding back, or regret.

The road rash from last year's project is healing fairly quickly. Writers tend to be hardy types, usually. The thesis of “Big Magic” has to do with separating oneself from what I call the 'daily affairs', with the outside opinions and tastes that make up the 'chatter'. As a writer, I take her words to heart, literally. For the reader, the writing must satisfy their thirst for character and story. For the writer, it is curiosity that leads to the creative process. But it is courage that keeps the writer from turning back before reaching their destination.


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