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Confessions of a New Year

There has been a long silence on this blog over the course of past months, with the scant postings mentioning a book on Vietnam and PTSD I was working on. That isn't going to happen. As confessions go this is a simple one. The short form being after three structural rewrites I wasn't able to resolve the primary focus of PTSD without starting over to create a textbook on the subject. I don't write textbooks. The only worthy topic out of this material is the immorality of war in general, and in particularly in a twenty first century world. All of which is a worthy endeavor, just not one I wish to embark on at this time. I've dealt with PTSD for nearly fifty years and delving into the subject invites demons to visit. That hasn't been good for my writing.

As an independent author I have the freedom to work on whatever project suits me at the time of the writing, not someone else's schedule of events. I'm using that discretion to return to a book I have wanted to write for some years. Interesting how life turns one's head without one knowing it at the time. I chalk that up to incidents of the larger Lesson in life. I want to write of ideals, in a world of shifting ideals, where quality is compromised for simplicity and profit. The characters dealing with the realities of life, as any good character does, in the eternal struggle for ideological purity. I speak of black and white photography over the course of a century. Ideals set forth in Secessionist ideas of Art and photography, put forth by an idealist photography, attempting to recreate the atmosphere of Alfred Stieglitz's gallery 291 eighty years earlier, from the second story loft gallery located in an old building in an unimposing town. In this story, the characters live within the framework of reality of the time, however the philosophical framework of fine art photography remains constant, in spite of technological adaptations to the original practice. It is those philosophical points of view that will be argued by two Burke & James cameras, having both had considerable use over the years. Magical realism. That's what calls me as a writer.


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