• Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

Saturday Morning Poetry

Last Night

This last night, in the

house we just bargained away

for a future on the road

to the multitude of foreign names

penciled on a map, and us

not even remembering to sit in our

favorite spot on the veranda

to drink in the final scent of

twilight, when the children's laughter

made us think of home, our

only hope from a dreamer's sojourn

Paolo Conte sings to us while we

drink Coronas, sharing our farewells

with the ones who have come to

love this house as we have,

needs met in this hallowed place

Leaving my clothes on the

night stand I couldn't help but

realize a deeper love for you

lying in your innocent fetal way

and I crawled to where you lay

with all the urgent needs of love

Christina, this woman

I want to drink her in

pull her through the pores

of my skin, surround

myself with the touch of

her woman's body, which

intoxicates a poet's soul

I am wrapped around you

drinking the aroma of your

hair, as it sweeps my face

and lays across my chest

enticing the man you know

I want to be

And us alone now, finally

in our exhausted triumph

we've prepared the way to

take our final leave, and I thirst to

tell you what my heart

aspires to say, this book

on my lap, you lie dreaming

as do I, writing these words

in the sequence of another dream

We will roll out of here

in our other home on wheels

chasing down tomorrow's

choicest secrets, abandoned

to our task of life

Yesterday's dream can't touch us

for we live one moment at a time

and I truly believe given measure

our dreamer's fingers will stitch

together our ethereal lives

into a meaningful whole

and as we wheel through the

world in accepting embrace of

each moment of our time, we shall

shed our pasts as empty skins

and side by side, harvest

the seeds of the dreamer

with hands of the humble farmer

Copyright 1998-2011


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