• Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

The Cheerios Kid

The Cheerios Kid

Cheerios filled your bowl, or two

each day, and wonder filled your eyes

when they assembled the world before you

and teased your fingers to pull apart the pieces

of painted shroud, to find the heart of questions

on fashioned things, where gears and cogs

and mechanical life are found, beneath all things

which passed your eye, lay challenges and tales

of stalking the beast, and taming the fury

in the wild stallion of Arizona, who succumbed

to your command, and carried you on the

hunt, those days of reckoning with the forces

while skulking in the woods, growing with the oaks

one day at a time, pride showing keen in your face

from adventures achieved, and tales to tell all

when the fearless hunter pursued the big cat

and chased the wolf to his lair in full retreat

slipping away from the little boy, who

sat on books to see his bowl, stood in resolution

to unfolding truths and shadows, which slowly ebbed

beyond the mountain, but for the wild stallion

of Arizona, you will always be the cheerios kid

Copyright 1976-2011


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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