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letter to sandra

When this was written, almost forty years ago, things that made me want to pen lines of poetry was inequities, injustices and social issues that affect people's lives. Stuff poets crave for their muse. This piece happened to be a situation I knew of first hand, and was compelled to put to words.

letter to Sandra

i'm writing you cause we were friends,

even though you called me a whore

when rickie feller put his hand up my dress

and made me bleed all over,

before you left to michigan last spring

with bobby howard and benjy miller.

no one says much to me anymore except my folks

but they've been drinking a lot again,

so i'm goin away too cause i don't want

to be hurt like my mother, when my dad

calls her those names and uses his belt

or takes her into the bedroom

to teach her a lesson.

and i've been kinda sick lately and

the bruises won't heal from last week

when i was late for supper on sunday.

i hear there is a place in california

that will help me with the pain

i've been having from the bleeding

in the place where i had the baby

just before it died.

Copyright 1976-2011

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