• Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

Social Atonement

Social Atonement

The shiny environs

of any Mall

are cluttered

with hopeful girls

gathered into social knots

far tighter than weathered

sheepshanks of hemp,

guarding their cloistered flanks

with furtive glances,

beyond the watchful eyes

of merchants

and the prying looks

from outsiders

Young girls

finding their steady legs

of womanhood

are fashioned outside

a mother's admonitions

on looking cheap

or easy, so

the smoothly waxed legs

and alluring charms

are fair game

for the roving eyes

of hungry young men

Old Psalms

and jagged mythic lies

flirt with wanton cravings

for something sweeter

than mom's apple pie

and satisfying a sweet-tooth

goes deeper than an empty belly

with the hunger reaching

all the way down

to the tightened blue jeans

of strained love

where decisions are

weighed, and strategies


Mother words

father threats

hymnal songs

social blinders

and ancient rites of passage

clash like drawn swords

of quarreling ancient warriors

whose only course avenges

some maiden's name

and honor, but alters

no path of chosen endeavor

Cloistered within

the artifice

of giggling maidens

lies a natural trap,

where fluttering hearts

and coaxed laughter

are bait, wafting

through the air, and

coursing through

a young boy's mind

like hot blood, pumping

through the veins of

a hungry panther

Grant Handgis

Copyright 1978-2011


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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