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Time on the road...

The past weeks, as an aggregate period, have been most beneficial for the constitution, as well as my future direction, artistically speaking. Seemingly, the trigger event that began this cascade of life changes began with the next book I am working on, "Gallery of Hope". Although a work of fiction, thematically the story has to do with black and white photography, and a fine art gallery that specializes in that thin slice of artwork. I know, sounds about as exciting as a Fellini film about melting ice cream. Hopefully this work will move along a bit more lively.

Writing 101 dictates that you write what you know. I know black and white photography. Well. Having written a book on the black & white negative, and photo chemistry. Now that's a sleeper if you aren't into that subject. I happened to have owned a fine art black & white gallery, thirty years ago, and as memories go, it was the most fun and rewarding work I've ever experienced. But that's me. Thus, writing about the subject made me realize how much I missed printing hand coated historical processes. As the Law of Attraction dictates, a full fledged darkroom presented itself to me thereafter. Once I began mixing chemistry and making prints, I was helplessly engaged to it, as one becomes engaged to the tar baby once you've given it a tight hug.

That connection led to the deep need to have control over my own printing room, which led to my old contractor friend who now is compelled to help me rebuild my current workshop building into a custom printing room. And that, sidetracked our intention of selling our house and moving near a beach. And that, is the Chaos Theory in motion, or how when a butterfly flaps its wings in China bringing about a tornado in Kansas, in time.

All of which is not to say I'm bored with writing so I'm going to play with another toy. Actually I will be writing for years to come. But I will also be printing platinum prints, and gum dichromate prints while I write books. I'm like that. Not merely satisfied with having fun in one sand box, when I can also jump on a trampoline alongside it when given the chance. Because of this affinity for visual art, I will also be posting finished images from time to time, as it is the very subject matter that will be part of the story of said next book, which will also see my first inclusion of magical realism into the story. Not the traditional Latino variation derived of Dia de la Muerto (day of the dead) sort of magical realism, whereupon one speaks to dead people, of Juan Rulfo style, but more like Tom Robbins' use of inanimate objects speaking to each other, working through philosophical positions that would be difficult to convey from 3rd person without coming off as losing one's mind.

Until my new printing room has been completed and I have visuals sufficiently delicious to be shown publicly, otherwise known as exhibition quality prints , I will continue to post my thoughts on various subjects, and poetry. There needs to be more poetry in the world. It is my duty to help out as best I can. I hope you enjoy whatever is posted. You are valued visitors and I only wish to please. Comments are always welcome.


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