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Cryptically Put

Many years ago, when I began writing poetry, I took courses in creative writing during the college years. It never hurts to expand one's knowledge when the opportunities arise. Creative writing instructors tend to fancy themselves as poets as well as teachers. Some are better than others, as with anything in life. Some teach the coursework and remain neutral to the student's way of expressing themselves, as truly there is no "correct way" to write poetry. I was not much into conformity, for the sake of self-expression. I was also not inclined to read all the classics to divine my way. I had my own inner voice with my own unique rhythm and meter. And that, did not sit well with one professor, who complained of my using what he referred to as a "cliche" for a title I used on one poem I turned in; "Reflections on The Water". Well, cliche or not, I used it and that was that. I was dressed down for that, which then motivated me to turn in this poem on the next assignment. "Reflections on The Water" next time. . . .

Cryptically Put

My diction! sirs

culminated itself freely

of its own volition

at the choice of my desire

Leaving itself quite open

to the public ear

deliberating on particulars

of its likeness to the other

And hearing in its quality

the diction to be awry

surmise to re-qualify

the meaning of its whole

Seeing not the picture

which painted by this mind

cast utterance of feeling

not reason in itself

Ask why of this injustice

This matter of discord

to change the thoughts emoted

into realms unlike the ought

Charge the question further

press on and heed the voice

for holding artistic license

unfolds the meaning through the vice

When asked why indifferently

the critics words slice thin

why put it so remotely

in author words why not?

Grant Handgis

Copyright 1975-2011


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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