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Artwork ~ Hand coated printing

As I have posted earlier, I have begun working again in historical photographic processes, hand coated printmaking, contact printing in UV light with enlarged digital negatives. The resurgence in hand coated printing is due to the technology cycle within photographic history. When photography began, a large print meant a large camera in hand, now, any digital image can be printed onto clear acetate sheets, at any size desired. The digital negative can also be manipulated to scale the tonal range, density range, to print in any of the processes desired. This gives the printer a great deal of latitude that wasn't available thirty years ago. Having begun the process of using the new technology to old, cherished printing methods, I can attest to the rich array of possibilities to come. I have always printed with Silver. Now, I can afford to print in Platinum/Palladium.

The only Gum Dichromate over Salted Silver print I have left. 1986 ~ 5"x7" Unique ~ "The Lighthouse"


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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