• Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

"Home Away from Home"

Home away from Home

This house was not

as we had thought

but what is

in these times

of accommodating barter

And only it's glossy shell

beckoned our hopeful naiveté

with thoughts of hidden solitude

and endless sun soaked days

to fill the time invested

in this tactile foreign land

And from our listless tongues

we extolled this lucky chance

of synchronicity in the making

the garnered prize of which we won

placing it with care

in a basket woven of hopes

For without these delicate dreams

to which we harness our intentions

we are lost to dreamless lives

and a hollowed happenstance

This house we call our home

in a wayward land

so foreign

invites the naive stranger's hope

with a taste for elegance

And all the while

we sample fate

our senses dulled by candy

our eyes and ears are

blind and deaf

to worlds outside illusion

In weeks and months of

passing time

a life we fancied ideal in mind

transforms itself unhindered

by things beyond our stilted view

beyond imagination

For daily do we realize

that things are of their nature

changing shape

and realities

outside our best intentions

Home away

our home of mind

we shape it with our purpose

and convey it with our every step

on a road of our invention

Grant Handgis



g. Michael Handgis Photography


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