• Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

The World of growing Madness

The World of Growing Madness

Will you always ride with me

atop a silver stallion

quiescent grief left behind

the world of growing Madness

Will you taste me deeply now

insightful inner longings

or thirst my traveler's wanderlust

on this endless migrant journey

Can there be a morning light

blush earthly over meadows

bathing gently your naked flesh

the garden and the nectar

Will you seek a vision quest with me

the eagle's flight unfettered

on wings of gilded feathers soar

set free of earthly pleasures

Will you bade me free my love

to wander lands uncharted

then walk beside me equally

my own unending shadow

Grant Handgis

Copyright 1997-2011


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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