• Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

"The Beak"

In Mexico, roosters are cut of another cloth, with a different agenda when it comes to crowing and lording it over the girls. Mexican roosters crow when they damn well please, night or day, intruder or not. Hens take flight up into the Schefflera tree, twenty or thirty feet above ground when settling in for the night. Apparently, the roosters doing the lording over routines split the air with their crows, at different times, all night long.....

The Beak

This dusty stretch of road is all that separates his insistent voice so shrill it slices nerves like broken glass and etches acid ulcers in the mind's eye All day each day the beak's incessant chanting crowing his name and fame for lording his sharpened spurs on dusty yards in search of hens astray their cloister Pecking loudly in my haggard state of mind the nights of sleep deprived mesmerized acceptance I wait with patience to the time I plot a future fare, those stringy bandy legs in rooster stew Grant Handgis Copyright 1997-2011

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