• Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

"From This Side of the Road I"

From This Side of the Road I

It is from this side of the road

that all things pass our sight and senses

like the thoughts back home where lie our

memories, of life as it should be

of things in an ordered row and

so polished and clean

This house on the side of the

road, tasting dust at every passing of

horses and taxis in hurried encounter with

fares yet untended and tourists who

pay extra for rides, straddled

on mounts they are charged by

the hour of passing

Without even attending the thick

jungle hills calling out their many

names, the endless profusion of sounds

which reach us through the dim of

night stalking prey, not so silently

luring another meal without escape

while even the rooster beds down in time

And us in our hour of entreaty

hoping for respite to a cacophony of

life, left to itself for generations

before, our arrival unwittingly set

in the midst of upheaval and change for

a country in changing anticipation of

things yet to happen, for the better

Of times which have promised a

bill due a receipted hand held out in

spite of past failures and voices casting

doubt on the multitudes of hungry souls

waiting in indebted retreat to later promises

of venues yet to be digested in hungry

bellies and eyes searching for other than....

Words, like those which fill us

with questions of people passing by each

day, without questioning our own self

indulgences in daily fare and foreign

tongue, tasting a life which rests just out of

reach for all but a few, somehow

promising a future, like the words in those

consummate pledges

Grant Handgis

Copyright 1997-2011


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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