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"Letters from Home"

For Millennials.... before the days of cell phones, email, messenger and other more instantaneous methods of communication, letter writing was used, commonly referred to today as snail mail. When you write a letter in Mexico and send it to the U.S. there is an expected delay of say.... three weeks or so before anyone might actually see said letter on the other end, then of course, the time of return....

Letters from Home

Another hour

a day

a week

of time

stretching itself


like the tendril

of a spider's thread

joined to sister space

providing a crossroad

in her life

when the timbre

of an inner bell

lies in silent bid

stretching further an already

taught chord, with

the indelible ticking count

of weary vigilance

in her impatient mind


endlessly, for the

welcome music of communiqué

a card, or

note, or even

a heady letter

to bring her once again

the familiar touch

of home, for

living on a lonely road

in a distant land

curves the Universe

back in on itself

to inner contemplation

turning her to reflect upon

a lonely expectant face

waiting in solemn vigil

within the circular nature of

space and time

and the weight

of empty hands

Grant Handgis

Copyright 1997-2011

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