• Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

"Shooting Stars"

Shooting Stars

I marvel at the sweet breath

of the wind through the trees

tickling the playful leaves

as father to his many children

and watch the barren road,

curving over the hill

which dines on the final rays

of a fading winter sun,

for the movement of your

solitary figure, swaying gently

in silent steady rhythm

your footsteps on a dusty road, this

place we know as home

yet so odd to our foreign senses

you and I

like fleeting asteroids

in an orbit of ancient planets

bound by laws descendant, from

lips of countless generations

their clucking tongues

which weigh heavier on our thoughts

than our footprints on this trail of dust

yet still I feel the thrill of joy

the quickened rush of pulse,


in embellished spirit of the child

this man of many years and trials

who has come to know your stride

and the comfort of a patient smile

as with the rising swirl of dust

your footsteps tease to existence

before life settles calm again

leaving only a solitary trail behind,

for we are shooting stars my love

through the planetary orbits

whose trails are burned across some starry sky

in a splendid show of brilliance

then dissipate, in a sudden breath of wonder

like our own inconsequential footprints

left on this ancient dusty road

as we stealthy plunge our lives

into the unknown of yet another orbit

Grant Handgis

Copyright 1997-2011


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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