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All things caught my eye while living in Mexico. Mostly the people in their everyday lives, which to my eye was deliciously beautiful. It was easy to write poetry, with the words something flying from my mind onto the page of my blank book of poetry. As I sat on a park bench in the Zocalo, a mother with her children gathered at the bus stop, nearby. The chaotic harmony of their energy was amazing. Natural as rain. . . .



little prancing children

dancing footsteps

moving about in

orderly confusion

as heavenly bodies

moving about the stellar

core, Mama

stoic, patient to

wild cries, wide eyes

seeing different things

hands exploring everything

of interest, when

bus comes

into view

and silently

with the movement of her hand

the little swirling planets

immediately take form

to line up

as celestial wonders of

the master plan

and in unison

climbed aboard their spaceship

to the stars

Grant Handgis

Copyright 1997-2011

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