• Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

"From This side of the Road II"

From this Side of the Road II

It is from this side of the road

where one has the panorama of life

as it is, without compromise or apology

where dust through the open pane-less windows

is a fact of life to be left alone

like the local onslaught of insect visitors

coming and going of their own on the wings

of the night, and our glowing bulbs

bare as baby's butts, just dangling from

the ceiling to lure thermal attracted critters

to flutter in intricate dance before

their own eventual demise

And Eden, just up the road

a sailor's walk from our domain and dusty vista

this road for tourists and sightseers alike

seeking this boulevard of promise and intrigue

to foreign life on their alien senses,

stop in gazing wonder, while thinking aloud

how picturesque such life must seem to those

who sit upon a Patron's veranda, and return hello’s

All the while, us thinking of a distant sample of life

far off in another time, sailboats finding their

course from an explorer's eye, catching the final

rays of a sun which sets itself comfortably beyond

the view of an earthbound wanderer

This side of the road is not unlike the

other, where daily rituals punctuate each

day, like old and comfortable shoes

which carry us astride a familiar gait

only varied in style from the cobbler's

touch, for we daily work the pestle for our

evening meal, with yet a different mano in hand

And all the laughing children in the road

are oblivious to the opposing landscapes

set apart, but muse of vicissitude and wealth

not nobly abandoned dreams of youth, where

disparity can only show it's face, in

the hearts of unenlightened vassals

Being on this side of the road, perchance

has measures of its own, and we as beggars

too, are deign to cut a princely path beside

our kindred neighbors, our ablutions endure

a cleansing strength, and sustenance of spirit

entwined within the filaments of a nobler calling

Our search of wander for a seeking mind, ebbs

in silent shadows of a different past, each day

our course exhumes another remnant to enigmatic

wonder, of truths which are reclaimed one piece at

a time, and carried with us as a shaman's pouch

in silence, leaving only memories in our wake

but no footprints from our steps upon the road

Grant Handgis

Copyright 1997-2011

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