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Editing Your Words

After thirty seven millions words written about self-publishing and importance of editing.... I received a missive from a reader of my latest book "Alchemist's Guide". The very individual I would want reading that book wrote to say that she was excited to read my book and that it had good information and all.... near the beginning of the book were editorial mistakes. That in itself sends cold chills down any self-published author, as it should. Only false or fabricated material could be a graver sin for this book. On top of that, the missive was written months prior to my even knowing I had such a section to my website, on the backside of things, of course. I can't fall back on simple stupid, although it seemed worth a try, as an IT guy I am not.

The reason I am even bringing this up, is simply this happens. It shouldn't, but it happens. My thoughts on that are simply this; make the correction(s), apologize profusely, beg forgiveness, and offer to send them a revised copy, signed. All of which I have done to this nice lady. Having written that book on black and white photography has re-sparked an old need to make art in more than one mediums. That would be historical hand coated photographic processes. Thus I now straddle the line of two practices, both intertwined through creating and writing about this esoteric craft, which, I may add is being rediscovered by the younger generations, applying recent digital technology with traditional printing methods, negating the need for large view cameras to create the negatives.

My sincere apologies to any reader who bought my photo book to find editing errors.

Grant Handgis


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