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Alchemist's Guide; to Salted Paper Printing

The pathway to the finality of this book was long, and of the arduous kind. My last post was announcing this new book. I had the cover designed and what I had thought to be the meat of the subject laid out. I have also been printing portfolios during this time, and that, altered the book in some subtle and not so subtle ways. In the end I believe the book is better for it. I extended the book's coverage to add a developing out technique to this process, as an added benefit for printers. I also added several black and white images in different areas as demonstration of negative density range and the reciprocal print tonal range. Understanding this concept is everything in printing, regardless of the medium.

The books to be of this series derive from years of direct printing experience with each medium. As noted before the salt paper process was the first hand coating process I learned, and in those days about the only subject on it for the beginner was "The Keepers of Light" in 1982. I was already developing my own black and white negatives at the time and learning the photo chemistry that drives it all. Well, at that time anyway. Now, we have enlarged digital negatives for hand coated printing. Something discussed in the book, with illustrations of how the controls are for making digital negatives for printing.

Overall I am quite happy with the finished version of the work. Anyone wanting to learn the salted paper process will find the book most helpful as a step by step guide, with formulas and precise procedures for every step, from paper preparation through toning and archivally processing the print. The book is in final layout. One of the interesting things in life are the intervening variables that coming into play and seriously wreck havoc with the best lain plans. I had lost the software that made layout possible, and days ago came across software that will mount on my Mac Book, and combined will allow me to do the final layout of the interior file to be uploaded. Soon. Stay tuned.


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