• Grant Handgis

Book 2 in Alchemist's Guide; Photo Series

After months of formatting work to get this latest book ready for uploading, a task normally all but impossible for me to get right, using non-professional software, a proverbial knight in shiny armor rode up to the ramparts to say.... " I'll format that book for you, I have InDesign". Said knight didn't need to raise his visor to identify himself, I knew him as an old friend who happened to be a retired graphic artist, knowledgeable in the ways of InDesign. You know that moment, normally flashing by in an instant that whispers in your ear on its way by... "All is balanced in the Universe now".

Viewing the interior file was actually titillating to the visual senses, with the symmetry, flow and style. For an independent author, this was a ride in a Rolls limo on the way to first class seats on a Concord flight to Paris. It even appears at this time that future books will also be graced with my friend's most excellent talents, including assistance with cover designs. I can only chock this up to clean living and keen observations in life. Truth be told, anyone having read my memoirs knows what a crock that is. But worth mentioning. I keep his name unspoken, for now, to stave off the certain stream of believers flocking to his door, begging for a moment of his kind instruction. Protecting the Maestro. For now. I'll probably throw him name into the Lion's ring soon enough, once the book reaches the marketplace.

The "Alchemist's Guide;" series will include five books. The first two in print are "To Black & White Photo Chemistry", and "To Salted Paper Printing", with the second title days away from releasing. I want a copy in hand before I do that. No mistakes, it has to be perfect, as perfection gets in publishing. The three books to follow will cover; Kallitype & Van Dyke printing, Palladium Printing ~ Na2 Process, and finally "Gum Dichromate Printmaking", and that cover will be all about colors, many of which I can't actually see, being basically red/green color blind. All of which is fairly interesting, instructing a process using pigmented colors mixed into a colloid solution of (Acacia) gum Arabic. Technically, I 'see' the colors, just not the way you might. I let my gum print speak for themselves.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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