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Salted Paper Book Released

Forgive my elation over the release of this book. This one has taken the longest to bring to print mostly due to technical issues forcing their way into the process, the little miscreants they are. Changing the OS on one's computer tends to mess with the software residing on the system, and backward compatibility is not something software companies are interested in accommodating anymore. Hence a major disruption for those sufficiently insane to have any interest in even attempting to wear all the hats in a clown performance.

As I noted loudly in recent posts, I now have a retired graphic artist stepping in to format and lay out the interior file of the book. That has certainly improved the visual quality of the book. From the comments made about my font choice and overall design of the cover, the feel of that indicates this talented individual might also be inclined to take over the cover design as well. So, how did I happen to acquire such a professionally trained and talented individual doing the heavy lift of book making? As karma has it, this gentleman was a friend even before we did our last year in college together at NAU, Arizona. We also played guitar every day, as college students tend to do.

With this new arrangement my thoughts and energy can be focused exclusively on writing the material. I really like that part. Getting eight books to print, solo, feels like having finally reached the spawning area upstream after days of swimming against the current, leaping over rocks. Total elation you've arrived, alive, and feeling beat up. The good sort of beat up. Having done something worthy of dealing with a beat up body. Straddling two genres, combining them into one cohesive project uses up an amazing amount of energy. At my age it becomes exponentially difficult. Not big deal once it becomes clear that reaching advanced age isn't for sissies to begin with.

Book #2 of the "Alchemist's Guide; To Salted Paper Printing"


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