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"Alchemist's Guide; to The Kallitype Print"

The third book in the "Alchemist's Guide;" series is finally completed. This book, like the last on "The Salted Paper Print" are specific to their topic, making the reading effort minimal for understanding the topic at hand. What is changing with these books is the cover design and interior layout work. What I had to take care of over the past ten books, using Microsoft Word and a couple other programs to finally realize something that could be accredited with being a book. A practiced eye can see the difference between such a program's layout and InDesign software.

The cover design and interior of the book was laid out by an old college buddy who was a graphic artist. He also sees the full spectrum of color. I asked him to work to keep the visual connection between this book and the last two, on printing in silver. The original design idea was just that. This book is the final book on printing in silver. The next book is on palladium printing and the final book will be on gum printing and gum over palladium printing. My friend will have full discretion on design and color scheme on those upcoming books.

I am quite happy with the outcome of the book, which is still being combed through looking for errors and making sure all the photos and diagrams are where they belong. I have come to realize the flow of the books' content, the order of discovery and explanation to new concepts. The feedback I get from those who have read the earlier books is that they are easy to understand to grasp the concepts and procedures. I also always leave a 'lab' section as the final section, with all formulas and chemical mixtures brought up in the book I do this to have on hand for easy access when mixing the chemistry.

The listing of the book has already begun and ISBN number purchased and placed. Now the final editing and combing before I upload the two files. The cover design file is ready. Soon.


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