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Beginning Book #4

The beginning of the new book is coming. Soon. I'm old, it takes time and gobs of energy. Using a descriptive like gobs gives that away. What doesn't get posted here are the long, painstaking process of making the prints for which the books are being written. The first book was about the black & white negative and the photo chemistry that controlled it all. The second book was all about the salt paper print. Book three was about making the Kallitype print. The next book will be about palladium printing, with a full section on the 'double sodium' (Na2) method of printing, created by the efforts of Richard Sullivan (off Bostick & Sullivan) & Dick Arentz. A fabulous advancement for platinum/palladium printers.

Putting together a full portfolio of prints for each of these printing mediums takes more time than putting down in writing how it is done. Interesting, that. The books I am writing in this five book series aren't written from theory or academic classroom time. When the books are being written I have prints in hand demonstrating the thing I'm writing about. The prints I make, using the printing medium I am writing about, are included in the book as examples of changes in the image from reciprocal changes in the density range and characteristics of the contrast index, in the section on the negative.

The first three books covered printing in silver, with the images the expected black and white images, which printed fairly well on standard paper, being high resolution images. This next books will have coated stock paper in the interior, as the palladium and platinum/palladium (Na2) prints have color, as will the final book on Gum printing, and gum over (silver, palladium, etc.) which will be all about color. I am excited about getting to work on both fronts, but as I said the energy it takes to bring it all to fruition is huge. I used to be a sprinter. Now I'm a jogger, but I always get there, and cross the finish line.


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