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New Website ~ New Focus

I have been blogging on POD Publishing for over five years now. What has been Brother Coyote Publications is now g. Michael Handgis Photography. Simple explanation; I am an author with ten books in print, and have used this website as a home for my books as well as offering discounts. All that has changed with Create Space, the very platform I have been blogging on, now closed and outsourced to KDP. There is no longer any control over my books, which makes the website basically useless.

Because of this, and, because I have been a photographer for over thirty five years, I am focusing this website to showcase the prints I currently make, after my retirement from commercial photography. All of my prints are from hand historical, alternative hand coated prints, mostly palladium, platinum/palladium, gum over palladium and gum dichromate prints. This blog will be used for that purpose, showcasing the prints I make, as well as discussing the processes used in making the prints.

I have been simultaneously been blogging on this subject for some years on another blog site; using the address/name; I will be making it known that the blog will continue on this site, linking the two, for easy transition for those that have been following me on that blog.

The first blog on photography shortly. There is a delay between creating this website and populating it on the internet. Soon.

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