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"Ocean View in Fog" ~ Palladium Print

I'm working through some of the negatives I prepared some time ago, hoping to "get to them". My images are what might be referred to as 'eclectic'. I simply shoot what catches my eye. There are portfolios of work of the same theme, like the Tombstone portfolio of palladium prints that were all shot in tombstone over the years, for those shots I could find without modernity, i.e. cars or tourists or other signs of modern use. Everything is in period, the dress, wagons, stagecoaches and horses and views. The palladium prints in that portfolio, most numbering 1/5, were created as "poor man's palladium prints"; palladium toned Kallitype prints (silver). There are thousands of platinum and palladium prints from the early 20th century printed just that way.

The prints that will be dealt with from now on will be printed in palladium. The real deal. The first two prints in the new portfolio were made to be full tonality prints, with deep blacks and crisp whites. Sometimes the setting, and the mood don't need nor would they benefit with that tonal range. This image is a soft, dreamy image, shot on a foggy morning, with the sun trying hard to break through, offering some brilliance to the setting. The negative is not all that contrasty, being very close to Log .8.

This print was also developed in potassium oxalate, at 90F deg. This warms the print further with the added temperature. The ammonium citrate would have rendered this image with much cooler tonality, even warmed. I was after a warm image to fit the mood of the shot, for me anyway.

Palladium Print

"Ocean View in Fog" ~ 8x10 ~ 1/3

Oregon Coast ~ 1985


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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