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Working on Palladium Book

Work continues on the fourth book in the "Alchemist's Guide;" series, the book on palladium printing. As I have done with the first two books on hand coated processes, Salt Paper printing and Kallitype printing, I concurrently make the prints I am writing about, to use as examples in the book. That means working in the darkroom to make prints, then work on the laptop to write about it. That demands a huge amount of energy in general, and even more demand for the creative energy to make what I'm doing worth doing. That means coaxing two types of little muse specialtists out of Mu, and they are demanding little dickens.

The historical overview of the process and opening of the book is finished and I am close to completing the section on The Negative; both analogue and digital. This is going along swimmingly thus far. I believe those seeking to make palladium prints will find the book most useful for that task. The cover photo will likely be the image of the Datura Blooms, an pretty good example of what a palladium print can look like. I will also be having coated paper stock for the interior as well as the cover, so the images I will be using will show well, in their true color. Stay tuned.

Cover Photo:

"Datura Blooms II"


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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