• Grant Handgis

New Printer Comments

After two years, or more, of struggling to print digital negatives, with the available printers below four digit price tags. That struggle is over now, having just set up my new Epson Artisan 1430 (13"x19") printer. It is everything good said of it. I speak for the making of digital negatives. That is the only thing digital that comes out of my darkroom. The negatives coming out of this printer are equal to anything I've seen come through an Epson 3880 or 6500 (24"). I have already made two digital negatives using two paths for density increases. What I can say is that laying those negatives alongside older negatives of the same image, the difference demonstrates this printer can ink a sheet of acetate beyond anything I will need for good palladium prints made in full sun.

Stay tuned. The sun is coming out soon.

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