• Grant Handgis

"Storms in the Valley" ~ Palladium Print

I am continuing with the warm toned look for the prints in this portfolio, as I am finding it quite striking as a mood for the images. Also, in my mind, the very character of a palladium print image. The digital ability to manipulate individual density ranges allows for tweaking the character and mood of the image before adding any adjustment <curve> to boost the density range.

This was treated and printed as the other images before it. All printed in my UV printer, although, I have adjusted the print height, by decreasing the distance from the print lights to the print frame by 6", leaving 6", which turns out to be a 15 minute print time for a palladium print, with the density range I'm using in these digital negatives.

Palladium Print

"Storms in the Valley" ~ 8x10

Cochise Stronghold

Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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