• Grant Handgis

"Storms from the Rocks" ~ Palladium Print

The next palladium print continues the Cochise Stronghold theme, from the view of the rocks, as I move higher into the rocks to continue shooting the storms in the valley. Again, I am keeping the developer constant for the warm tones; potassium oxalate warmed to 95 degs, or higher.

It is the rocks that I wanted to highlight, to make prominent, as they are the focus of the image, besides the storm going on in the distance. The light was of course overcast, yet with breaks in the clouds every now and then the more intense sunlight showing through the clouds light up the rocks more than the flora, thereby standing out naturally. I encouraged this subtly for a little enhancement.

Palladium Print

"Storms from the Rocks" ~ 8x10

Cochise Stronghold


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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