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"Storm from the Rocks II" ~ Palladium Print

A second shot from the same area as the earlier image, similarly named. I was just a bit higher in the rocks for this shot, with the rocks becoming ever larger as I moved up. I have always been fascinated with the texture of rocks, and black & white photography seems to enhance the experience. I have been making these palladium prints as warm toned as I am able, using the basic variables at hand for controlling print color; developer, temperature of developer, contrast index of the negative densities and light source intensity. Each of those variables can shift the print color subtly, or dramatically.

This print was made from a digital negative, as all the rest of the 8x10 prints, that I enhanced by altering the contrast index, adjusting the relative tonal structure by altering the relative densities in the negative, keeping the density range constant. The density range is an adjustment <curve> I created for palladium printing, printed in my UV printer. That light source is 160W of UV light @ 365nm wave length, 6" from light source to print frame top. The negatives were set up for that light source, with the print time at 15 minutes, each time. There are a couple images I will add 2 minutes print time to, "A Lone Tree" and "One White Cloud", as they printed well enough, but my intent, the image I previsualized, is not as 'bright', a bit darker, moodier.

The print was developed in potassium oxalate @ 95 degs. This is giving me all the warmth in the image I had hoped for. The Na2 prints I will be making after this portfolio will be from the same treatment of the negatives, with the addition of the sodium based platinum cooling the print slightly, as well as deepening the blacks, as one of the values of adding the platinum is its ability to stop the bronzing, during printing. The images will be of a slot canyon in Kanab, Utah, and I will be using the ammonium citrate developer for those Na2 prints, as that will shift the image to a very cool color. It's all about using the tools available to shape the print image to convey the character and mood of the image.

Palladium Print

"Storms from the Rocks II" ~ 8x10

Cochise Stronghold, Arizona

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