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"Desert Rains" ~ Palladium Print

This is for now the final print of the Cochise Stronghold portfolio. Eleven prints for now. I have several more images yet printed, but I will get to them later, if it is warranted. The prints in this portfolio are in an edition of (3). The following portfolio of Na2 platinum/palladium prints will also be in an edition of (3) and will be the last of any printing I will do in an edition. Any print made after these final portfolios will be unique.

I've kept to the same processing for this image as the others; same developer, same temperature. One of the variables that controls print color is the light on the scene. Beyond the control factors available the printer, like developer, temperature, etc. The light in this image was far more filtered through the clouds than some of the other images, and this moved the color a bit towards the neutral area, than the more brownish warmth of the other images.

Palladium Print

"Desert Rains" ~ 8x10

Cochise Stronghold, Arizona

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