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"Datura Blooms" ~ Palladium Print

I have yet to post the original print image from the Cochise Stronghold portfolio, "Datura Blooms". There are two such Datura bloom images, with the "Datura Blooms II" used as this site's representative image. As in silver printing, Palladium printing can be manipulated to show different characteristics, from very warm toned images with mostly middle tones representing the image, or as in this image a shortened tonal range specifically to showcase tonal highlights; the white blooms. The lower tonal ranges aren't represented with exception to the few leaves showing, representing what would be zone 4; dark gray.

Although this image was printed using the warm toned developer, potassium oxalate, it is in the middle tones and some highlights that the warm tones actually become evident, as seen in the other images from that portfolio. I have made it abundantly clear that I am red/green color blind for the most part, and have been told by my sweet wife, a watercolor artist, that sees the fuller spectrum of color, that my images are more "red" than the original prints, which are warmed toned grays, as they should be. I photograph the images using my Canon 20D. I know, ancient equipment. That would indicate I need higher intensity lighting to shift the color range back to center again.

I have posted the images from this palladium portfolio of images from Cochise Stronghold. The next portfolio work will also be the last of any editions to my prints. Any print past this next portfolio will be unique. The next portfolio being in the Na2 (double sodium) process of platinum/palladium printing. The images will come from shots of a slot canyon in Kanab, Utah. They will constitute my take on photographic abstracts in black & white. The added platinum will eliminate the natural bronzing effect of palladium printing, pushing the zone 1 & 2 into deeper dMax black. This will represent the tonal range of the images.

The object of printing this image has to do with controlling the zone 7 values of the white blooms, showing a range of white values from a shallow zone 7 up to almost zone 8; blank white, for visual comparison.

Palladium Print

"Datura Blooms" ~ 8x10

Cochise Stronghold, Arizona

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