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"Adobe Doorway" ~ Platinum/Palladium Print ~ Na2

This second print in the Na2 portfolio is opposite the first, greatly increasing the middle tones, using a longer tonal scale (contrast index), basically the image right out of the (digital) camera. No manipulation or tweaking of tonal values to enhance, reduce or increase any densities. Printed straight onto Inkpress acetate. Pictorico isn't available anywhere. The Arista acetate film is on its way. This image was printed on Revere Platinum paper, my go to printing paper. Most excellent paper for hand coated processes.

As this print image attests to, adding the sodium based platinum (Na2) to the palladium it cuts out the bronzing of palladium printing, pushing the blacks into dMax black. It also retards the printing of highlights, a lot. The palladium prints are tweaked to make the image snap, then a hefty density curve is added before printing. Print time is 15 minutes in my UV printer. The Na2 negatives have no tweaking and no density curve added, and they print 17 minutes in my UV printer. That's a big difference. The C.I. (contrast index) of the negative image dictates the tonal shape of the image, how contrasty, how much middle tones, how much black how much white. Platinum favors flatter images with abundant middle tones and not a lot of density. Palladium, on the other hand, can handle a lot of density range, or a shorter one, what changes is the amount of middle tones and depth of blacks, the whites are what is printed to, so that is the printer's choice of how much texture is wanted in the highlights and white areas.

This print image has a lot of middle tones, to highlights from the brilliance of the reflection of the sun off the near white wall. The addition of the sodium based platinum holds back the printing in of highlights more than the rest of the tonal ranges, adding to the tonal separation in the middle tones, as in the rocks below the winow, and the cracks and smudges on the wall.

Platinum/Palladium Print'

"Adobe Doorway" ~ 8x10

Mesilla, New Mexico

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