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"Barrio Door with Bench" ~ Platinum/Palladium Print ~ Na2

I made a print of this image today, pulling from my Hahnemuhle paper stock to make it. I keep that print paper for the gum over palladium printing, as it holds up so well to repeated soakings and drying periods without crumpling or warping. Normally, my paper of choice for hand coated printing is Revere Platinum paper. I've not been shy about mentioning that often enough. I'm told it is on its way, soon, probably. As is the Arches acetate 7 mil film. For now I'm relying upon a generous donation from a photographer friend for the sheets of film I do have.

The platinum/palladium portfolio continues to grow, as I make it through some of the images that languish until I see it at the right time and pluck it for printing, as I did this image, another doorway setting. I have made a collection of Barrio doorways and adobe walls in Arizona and New Mexico, as they call to me, for whatever reason scenes call out to be captures. It's a mystery. This doorway was photographed in Mesilla, New Mexico, just across the interstate from Las Cruces. Truly an original barrio setting kept as such visually, although with modern amenities. It's a place Poncho Villa visited more than once.

The doorway itself and the other things usually nearby, are interesting of sorts, yet what calls to me is the lightening. When it glows off the adobe walls and highlights areas around the door and window areas is for me what delights. My efforts of course is to replicate that lighting glow, that brilliance without direct sunlight. Holding the highlight between zone 7 and zone 8.

Platinum/Palladium Print (Na2) (Hahnemuhle Paper)

"Barrio Door with Bench" ~ 8x10

Mesilla, New Mexico

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g. Michael Handgis Photography


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