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New Printer & Print Frame Setup

The operation on the printer was successful. Six inches was effectively sliced off the bottom of the printer, reducing the print height to light source from 12" to 6". Give or take. Harry had measuring devices and lots of math calculations on paper. I just knew what I wanted to end up with and how to make it happen. I don't have a table saw and amazing array of tools that man has. If it doesn't exist, Harry can make it, out of metal, wood, plastics and other materials. That is why I entrusted my printer operation to his care, in his operating room. It came out nice. For Harry, my printer is fine furniture, and gets the care of not nicking or scraping it during said operation.

The new height has been tested, using a display box underneath the 11x14 print frame, thereby raising the print height close to six inches. Give or take. This new printer distance from the table top to the defuser plate, seen just above the two hinges for the cover flap. Above the defuser plate sits the electronics board, with the (8 - 24") T-12 UV white blacklight tubes. On the top side of that (3/4" play) board are four ballasts for the lights. Print light total is 160W. Four air vents for the ballasts, two on either side, as seen in the photo. The total printer height now is just 10", and accommodates a 16x20 print frame, as can be seen in the second photo. That print frame is newly arrived from Bostick & Sullivan.

The standard print time now for a platinum/palladium (Na2) print, using (2) drops of 2.5% platinum (sodium chloroplatinate) added to the palladium/oxalate mixture; is 17 minutes. That is with no added densities to the original image. A palladium print, with a density <Curve> added would print in 15 minutes. A silver print would be under 10 minutes, a gum somewhere around ten minutes now. For me, the sweet spot of printing times, respectively. First print image next; Another adobe doorway.

Solar (UV) Printer 22"x26"x10" dimensions

16"x20" print frame on top of printer; The printer was designed just for this setup, as well as

all smaller printing dimensions. I also have an 11"x14" and an 8"x10" print frame, for 5"x7" prints.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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