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"Barrio Door" ~ Platinum/Palladium (Na2) Print

The first print out of the new printer is the last of the Barrio Door images. For now. These were older images patiently waiting their turn, and for me that seemed to be in the Na2 process, accentuating the blacks and cool tones. Although, I can easily see how warming the image middle tones, the wood might seems more real, alive as it were. I can do that by switching from the ammonium citrate developer to the traditional potassium oxalate developer the image will warm considerably, especially when the developer is heated above 90 degs F.

The Na2 images in this portfolio were developed in the citrate developer at 80 degs F, cooling the image. This was purposeful of course, as these images will be examples in the book on palladium & Na2 print processes. Currently I am working on the section on The Process. Hence taking my time while printing both portfolios not only for examples, but as finished images demonstrating the author's efficacy as a printer. To write about the subject, one needs to be able to demonstrate proficiency. Otherwise it's just theory.

The prevailing highlights in this image is the wall area, represented as a density almost at the juncture of zone 6 (skin tone) and zone7 (white with full texture) it was the brilliance of the image I particularly liked. I'm not certain I have replicated that as in the original, copying the print using a digital camera, and being red/green color blind. Sometimes subtle shifts are not even noticed when I'm looking at a print's color tones. Unfortunately. There was just something about the Barrio doorways that make me want to point the lens at them. Some, far more elaborate than others.

As most of my non gum prints this image was printed on Revere Platinum paper, developed in ammonium citrate at 80 degs F. Print time was 17 minutes.

Platinum/Palladium Print

"Barrio Doorway" ~ 8x10

Tucson, Arizona

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