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"Adobe House with Fence" ~ Platinum/Palladium Print (Na2)

It is turning out that this portfolio has changed in theme, from abstract images from a slot canyon in Kanab, Utah, to southwest Barrio images from Arizona and New Mexico. Actually a more befitting ending to the portfolios. Images of the southwest. There are more. Lots more, although they will be printed as one of a kind prints. The first prints made using the new 16x20 print frame printed quite well, in even shorter print times as this print frame is a really heavy built affair, and an inch taller than the 11x1`4 print frame.

This print is another of the Na2 platinum/palladium process, as the earlier examples of doorway images. Two things different about this print, one, being the use of the new print frame, reducing an inch off the print height, and two, I changed the developer from the cooler tone ammonium citrate developer to the tradition developer potassium oxalate which is a warmer tone developer, especially when it is warmed to over 90 degs F, as I did with this print. I wanted the warmer tones for the old wood of the fence prominently in the forgroung. The graytones of the masonry, and of course the highlights aren't affected by the the developer as does the lower tonal values.

This negative was unchanged from the original out of digital camera image. No adjustment <curve>, which worked for this image, not so much for others with lessor tonal values. This print was developed in potassium oxalate at approximately 92 degrees F, for 15 minutes, on Revere Platinum paper. Leaving the middle tones unchanged then favors the middle tones, leaving a long range of tonal values. The warm tones of the images as well as the Pt/Pd process itself lends rich textural quality to the image. The entire idea is finding the right density range for the negative based upon the tonal values desired in the final print. That is one of the control variables of printing.

Platinum/Palladium Print

"Adobe House with Fence" ~ 8x10

Mesilla, New Mexico

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