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"White Adobe House" ~ Platinum/Palladium Print (Na2)

The newest print in the Southwest Barrios portfolio, another adobe house in Mesilla. This will be the last print I will likely print for this portfolio for now. Each of the portfolios were printed in different processes to be used as examples in the book I was writing on each of the processes, as well as a demonstration that the author actually knows how things work, and what that might look like. The platinum/palladium prints in this portfolio will be used in the section in the palladium book, on the 'double sodium' Na2 process. I would tell you that this process is palladium printing with added platinum for any contrast needed as well as an agent that stops the natural bronzing of palladium printing.

The focus of this image is of course the white house. I added an adjustment <curve> to this image to keep the house white while printing in the fence wood in the foreground. The original image was out of the digital camera, no manipulation, which printed too flat for my tastes. What I was mostly focused on was the white house, holding the fuller range of zone 7 white, with full texture. The <curve> I used is the softest I've created, just for the Na2 printing, not adding drastically to the overall density range, adding mostly to the middle tones with the rounded shape of the curve, with no addition to the density at the top; zone 7.

What I have now found to be consistent is the average print time is now five minutes less than before the UV printer was reduced in height, and use of the new 16x20 print frame. All coming together nicely to realize what is for me the sweet spot of print times; 12 minutes in the printer, from seventeen. The same process as the first adobe house image, Revere Platinum paper, potassium oxalate developer warmed to just over 90 degs F. Both of these last two images were shot using my Canon 20D DSLR in the b&w mode, using the built-in red filter. I had not expected a need for further density of this image because of the red filter's affect on the white, and bright walls. Apparently not.

Platinum/Palladium Print

"White Adobe House" ~ 8x10

Mesilla, New Mexico


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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