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Palladium Book Progress

Today was a good day's worth of work on the palladium book, finishing up the fourth section; The Palladium Process. It is probably the trickiest section to write being everything has to be absolutely correct and flawlessly laid out in a coherent manner. Saying I nailed it would be braggadocio. I'll say I'm happy with the first draft of it. A full, close rereading of it will show any flaws.

Writing the book while making the prints to show in the book takes a great deal of creative energy, and personal energy, and theoretical cognitive energy, and even my feet are tired. Next section up is all about the Na2 (double sodium) process, which will also have several photos for examples. The final section will be the Lab Section with all the chemical mixture formulas for developers, clearing baths and hypo clear, with explanations. I always put this section in the back of the book for easy referencing in the lab for mixing.

Printing will commence again soon. The portfolios are completed, which will allow me to once again put more attention on the gum over palladium printing and gum printing. I will also be scaling up to 11"x14" prints, something I have been looking forward to. I will begin with making a few Kallitypes before shifting over to palladium again, likely making Na2 prints as well, depending on the image and how I want it to turn out.

Stay tuned for updates on the book, and samples of new images.

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