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Palladium Book nearing Completion

I have been extra judicious with the work on the palladium book, working to explain technique along with process. It is the insights to the workings of the process, the functional variables that can be controlled, that move the printer along the learning process. I hope I have accomplished that. I have completed The Palladium Process section and currently writing the Na2 section, which shouldn't be all that long as it is but an additive to palladium in this process. If you can print in palladium you can print in Na2 by making a couple easy adjustments.

Stay tuned as I have put my fuller attention on the wiring this past week, the other half on the demands of a home owner. At my age things take a bit longer to accomplish, sometimes. With the portfolios now completed, for all practical purposes, I will begin printing some Arizona scenic shots I have been holding on to for just this occasion. After that there will be prints of much more recent shots, many from the Caribbean, a square rigger and other tropical flavors. Many of these will become gum over palladium or gum over platinum/palladium prints, due to the theme and need for some color.

Very soon I will also be beginning to make some 11"x14" prints, beginning with some Kallitype images, before moving on to platinum/palladium. At that size I want the image to be striking. I will be posting them here, of course.

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